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Marin 先生
  • 出身国:クロアチア
  • 居住国:
講師名 Marin 先生
国籍 ネイティブ
生年月日 1989年2月22日
特徴 【無料レッスン体験におすすめ】, 入門・初心者の方におすすめ, 【日本語が話せます】, 発音指導が得意, フリートークに, 初中級の方に, 中上級の方に, ビジネス英語, お子様に, TOEIC ®, 英検®
教材 日常英会話Q&A(dialogclub), 入門英語会話集Otonyu_dialog, おとなの入門英語(Otonyu), 子供:Let's Go, 海外旅行会話集OtonaTravel, English Tree(シニアのための
自己紹介 I have been in the middle of trying to balance my new work schedule and moving to a new city/apartment so my schedule has been closed during weekdays and some weekends. Starting from next week, I should know more about times and days when I will be able to teach. Thank you for your understanding!

Hi! My name is Marin. I'm 29 years old and I have been living in Japan for about 8 years now.

My mother used to work in America so I spent a lot of time there as a kid and went to high school there for a while. Both of my parents had very international jobs so we traveled a lot. Spending time in a native speaker environment was useful for my English.

I started becoming interested in Japan when I was 12 years old because my father went there during the 2002. Soccer world championship.

After college, I went straight to Japan, and started my new life there. 

I immediately fell in love with the culture, the people, and the food. I then decided to live in Shizuoka prefecture where I worked as an English teacher.

I worked for a local eikaiwa school for 3 years when I became the head teacher there. I had lots of students that I really made a strong connection with. I worked there for a total of 7 years.

I also worked for the local Kouminkan and taught adult lessons for the city office. Those were very fun because the classes were always pretty big(max 30 students.),
but their levels varied greatly. Some students were complete beginners and some were very advanced and this made the classes very lively.

Teaching eikaiwa style classes was very fun, but I also wanted to try out an immersion style system so I started teaching the Grapeseed program.

All in all, I've had over a thousand students and have taught over a hundred different textbooks of various levels ranging from beginner, to advanced and business English.

I also had a lot of private students that were getting ready for their working holidays in Australia, New Zealand, and Canada. These were always lots of fun, and I felt like I made 
a difference in my students lives when they would tell me about their experiences upon coming back to visit us in Japan. 

Thanks to watching TV in Japanese all the time, I can speak Japanese now, so during our lessons you can feel free to ask for an explanation in Japanese or English.

Now, a bit more about me.

I have lots of hobbies and interests which vary greatly. I love sports and I used to do taekwondo when I was young. In Japan I did Judo for a while and after that I went into kendo.
Getting the gear for kendo was expensive, but it was worth it. I have a house next to the forest where I practice archery as well. 

When I'm not doing sports, I'm either playing games, or watching Japanese anime. I like playing online games and I like lots of different anime because they help me improve my 
Japanese.  I also love watching Terrace House and Ainori Love Wagon so if you watch these I would love to talk about them!

My family has always had dogs, and right now we have two dobermann males. My doggy is 8 months old and I spend around 2 to 3 hours every day training with him and practicing obedience so that he can compete in dog shows when he grows up. I also have a ferret and a cat. I love animals!

I love talking about politics and the news, so if you are interested in that as well, let’s talk!
Teaching people how to hold a conversation is my specialty and most of my students were shy and couldn’t really keep a conversation going for more than a few minutes. Helping people improve their grammar and vocabulary always leads to more confidence so let’s work on that together.
運営者コメント アメリカ育ちで、ナチュラルな英語。日本の英会話スクールで初心者〜上級者まで幅広い1000名以上の生徒の指導経験、日本語も流暢。日本人を対象にした英会話講師歴7年の先生です。

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Marin 先生のクチコミ・評価・おすすめポイント

  • オンライン英会話は初めてで、ドキドキしてましたが、気さくで、話を色々広げてくれるので、あっという間に25分終わってました。とにかく楽しい先生です。ドーベルマンのダンテ君も可愛くて、毎回セットで付いてて欲しいくらいです。
  • 初めてのオンライン英会話に不安を感じられる方にとてもおすすめな先生です。全くといっていいほど英語ができない私ですが、日本語を交えながら教えて頂けるので安心してお願いできます。今後ともぜひよろしくお願いします。
  • またいい先生を見つけてしまった。この人。出来ます。こちらがやりたいことをやらせてくれます。おかしいところを直ぐに訂正してくれます。間違いを素直に指摘して、一緒に笑い飛ばしてくれます。嫌味は全くありません。外国人目線(あたりまえですがw)で外国人の率直な感想を教えてくれます。←こういうのがありがたいのです。昔やってたテレビ番組「ここが変だよ日本人」に出たほうがいいと思いますです、はい(笑)気さくな先生ですが、英語を教える熱意。やる気に応える精神があります。しっかりした先生です。
  • Hi,Marin! I had a great lesson last night. It was a lot of fun to talk about dogs. I learned a lot more than just English. thank you so much and see you soon!
  • とても信用できる先生です。会話もこちらに合わせてゆっくり話してくださったのでとても分かりやすかったです。発音のよい勉強になります。また、よろしくお願いいたします。
  • 初めてのオンラインレッスンで緊張しましたが、日本語と英語を丁寧に混ぜて進めていただきました。お互いの自己紹介や趣味の話などで盛り上がり、あっという間の30分でした。また是非お願いしたいです
  • 初心者ですが、マリン先生の楽しい笑い声にリラックスしてレッスンが受けられました。日本語、教え方も上手くて先生から習い続けていこうと思っています。出来の悪い生徒ですが、これからもよろしくお願いします。