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  • 出身国:
  • 居住国:スリランカ
講師名 Mini 先生
国籍 ネイティブ
特徴 【レッスン体験におすすめ】, 入門・初心者の方におすすめ, 【日本語が話せます】, 発音指導が得意, フリートークに, 初中級の方に, 文法指導が得意, ビジネス英語, お子様に, 英検®, 英文添削指導
教材 日常英会話Q&A(dialogclub), SIDE by SIDE, 入門英語会話集Otonyu_dialog, おとなの入門英語(Otonyu), ビジネス英語:Market Leader, 英文法:Grammar in Use, 子供:Let's Go, 海外旅行会話集OtonaTravel, English Tree(シニアのための, Active Learning A , Active Learning B, 対象教材なし
自己紹介 Hey there! Nice to meet you! I'm Mini. For the past four years, I have been teaching English to students in Japan. I am a cheerful and friendly teacher. I also have a lot of experience preparing Japanese students for the EIKEN exam, and all of my students have done exceptionally well. If a student struggles in one area (Example: writing), I will focus on that area and try different activities to help them improve. I have also conducted many lessons for adults. We have discussions on a variety of topics, with a particular emphasis on the current situation. I use a lot of games in my lessons for young students to make English learning more fun and interesting.

When it comes to my work experience I have worked in the human resources section and interned at a marine law firm. Currently, I'm a law school student and in my free time, I enjoy teaching English to Japanese students online. I've had the opportunity of teaching students of all ages, from little kindergarteners to adults.

Speaking of my education, I've attended an international school ever since I was a child. I have a bachelor's degree in law. Right now, I'm in my second year of law school and getting ready to take the bar exam. English is the primary language spoken in my family, so I've grown up fluent in both English. While my Japanese speaking skills may not be perfect, I can definitely hold a basic conversation.

< My main lesson content >

- Daily Conversations
- Eiken preparation
- English for Beginners / Intermediate
- Grammar lessons
- 4 Skills of English ( Reading / Writing / Speaking / Listening )
- Phonics
- Travel English Conversation
- Business English

■Daily Conversations
Practicing English is by far the most effective way to improve your conversational abilities!
Let's talk about whatever you like. We can discuss about your hobbies, favorite sports, where you wish to travel, or anything else you want! We might also concentrate on repetition and valuable patterns.
For young beginners we can start with exciting quiz games.

■EIKEN Preparation
I will offer you with the worksheets you need to prepare for the EIKEN, but you are free to do past papers or proceed in any way you see fit.
We can practice many vocabulary words using previous paper questions, or I can provide you with a collection of questions prepared by me. From grade 3 and up, the Eiken paper includes essay writing. In class, I will practice many essay questions with you to help you improve your writing skills. These essay writing lessons will assist you in answering any essay questions in your exam. Each lesson, I will assign homework to students, and their answers must be submitted to me for correction before the next lesson.

I will supply you with the guidance and tips you need to ace the speaking test in speaking, so it will become easier as you get the hang of it.

Reading for Beginners starts with simple sentences and progresses to teaching students how to read difficult words one at a time. We will not only focus on past papers for intermediate and higher level students, but also on reading notes I have made to help you improve your reading skills.

■English for beginners / Intermediate
Learning a new language can be difficult for beginners, especially young children. So we can begin with some basics such as the alphabet, simple words, and games. After the student has become comfortable to the lesson, I will begin with simple sentences.

We can practice reading, writing, and speaking in class for English learners who already have the fundamental skills. I will provide worksheets for reading and writing, as well as any notes you would like to use in class.

If you are a Japanese student already attending an international school and need assistance, I can help you. I attended an international school from a young age and will be able to share how I studied and my experiences.

■Grammar lessons
Grammar is the foundation of the English language and forms the base for both writing and communication. Learning Grammar will help students;

- write essays and complete writing exams
- understand complex reading exercises
- comprehend complex reading materials
- socially interact
- improves their listening and speaking skills
- boosts students self confidence when speaking in English
- makes IELTS, SAT, TOEIC, TOEFL, and ACT preparation easy.

Adults who want to work abroad can learn English quickly if they study grammar. Students and adults who want to improve their speaking skills and focus on grammar can get assistance in the areas where they need it.

■4 Skills of English
If you are a beginner who wants to study English and improve gradually, I can help you. As with any other language, perfecting English requires the following skills: writing, reading, speaking, and listening.

When it comes to reading, I will give you a simple method for learning to read. For beginners, it is essential to understand phonics, and then there are many extra skills you will need, such as short vowel words and many others. For students who are average readers who wish to improve, practice is essential! So we may try practicing together to help you overcome your challenges and develop.

When it comes to writing, I have a lot of essay questions prepared that we may try in class. In the past, I've found that asking students questions is the best method to improve their writing. We will review the many approaches to respond to an essay in class, as well as the points you will include in your essay. Writing gets really easy if you become used to it, and you will eventually become a pro at it. I will also give essay questions for homework, so students must submit me their answers so that I can correct them and provide you feedback on how to improve.

Speaking is one of the most significant and challenging aspects of the English language. If you're new and don't know where to begin, the basics are important.

Listening is another component of English skill. I can give you a lot of English listening questions, and we can do a lot of activities in class to help you develop your listening skills.

It is essential for children to understand letter-sound relationships since English uses letters in the alphabet to represent sounds. Phonics gives this knowledge to help children learn to read. Children learn the sounds that each letter produces, as well as how rearranging the order of letters changes the meaning of a word.

In my lesson, I will teach phonics using an alternative method depending on the child's comfort level. In order to help with phonics learning, I will be using white boards in class. It is also necessary to practice at home in order to learn phonics quickly. So, in each class, I will assign homework.

■Travel English Conversation
Practicing English is by far the most effective way to improve your conversational abilities!

Let's talk about whatever you like. We can discuss about your hobbies, favorite sports, where you wish to travel, or anything else you want! We might also concentrate on repetition and valuable patterns.

I, myself , enjoy traveling and make it a point to do so at least once a year. I also enjoy trying new foods from various countries. We can have many enjoyable conversations, especially about things you have done or will do while traveling.

■Business English
Business is becoming increasingly internationalized in today's global world, and English is being employed as an international communication language. You can speak clearly even in written language if you have proper grammar. In my session, I will pose various topics and request your feedback, and through these discussions, you will be able to develop your public speaking abilities.

For your first lesson with me, it may take extra 10 mins to assess your English level. I’m looking forward to seeing you in my class.
皆さんこんにちは!はじめまして!ミニと言います。私はこの4年間、日本で英語を教えています。明るくフレンドリーな性格です。 また、日本人の生徒さんの英検対策もたくさんしてきました。


< 私の主なレッスン内容
- 日々の会話
- 英検対策
- 初級・中級英語
- 文法レッスン
- 英語4技能(読む・書く・話す・聞く)
- フォニックス
- 旅行英会話
- ビジネス英会話


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  • Mini先生に初めてレッスンをお願いしました。ずっと笑顔が接してくださり、可愛いらしい先生でした。私のたどたどしい英語も、きちんとくみとってくださり、おかげであまり緊張せずにレッスンできました。2回目のレッスンも、よろしくお願いします。
  • 可愛らしくチャーミングな先生で、安心してレッスンすることができました。[気がつけば 、先生ばかりが話している・・・]といった、オンライン英会話でよく起こるパターンではなく、Mini先生はしっかりと英語で考える時間を与えてくれて、私が主役になれる英語レッスンを提供してくれました。